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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-1605061631344 Submitted: 07 May 2016 Modified: 07 May 2016

Surgical Outcome of Ascending Aortic Surgery: an 18 year PHC experience.

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 The creation of Philippine Heart Center in 1975 ushered the modern age of cardiovascular surgery in the Philippines. The modern equipment like CT scan, 2D echocardiogram and cineangiography at PHC became instrumental tools in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases including aneurysms of the aorta. Surgical expertise and treatment became more available.

Operation involving the ascending thoracic aorta for aneurysm is still regarded as a formidable procedure and poses a challenge to surgeons. Since the introduction of the Bentall's procedure 25 years ago, there have been numerous advances and refinements in the technique such that mortality and morbidity are drastically lowered down. Surgeons had gained the needed confidence in treating this disease, which led to more elective repair of ascending aortic lesions. Presently this institution had accumulated 32 consecutive operations involving the ascending thoracic aorta in 18 years. It is imperative to review the result so that practitioners and surgeons alike will be guided in prognosticating patients with this disease.

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