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HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC920485 Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 16 August 2011

Efficacy of rice powder salt solution in the treatment of acute diarrhea.

 Moriles RR,
 Rubin F,
 Chiu T

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From a total of sixty-four patients admitted to the study, 35 children received WHO-Oral Rehydrating Solution (ORS) while twenty-nine received Rice Powder Salt Solution (RPSS). The result of this study showed that RPSS is superior to the widely used WHO-ORS in the correction of mild to moderate dehydration among 6 months to 6 years old children. The volume of RPSS required for rehydration and maintenance is lower in comparison to WHO-ORS. Also the stool losses are less voluminous. The relatively higher urine output during the first 12 hours among children given RPSS is perhaps due to its better absorption, while children given WHO-ORS have higher urine output for the next 12-24 hours. Evaluation of the difference in the urine output between the two groups is difficult because beyond the rehydration phase, patients have resumed their standard dietary regimen so whatever amount of urine excreted could not be solely attributed to the oral rehydrating solution taken in, at any rate, the difference is not statistically significant.Weight gain after 24 hours of hydration is relatively higher in the RPSS group than the WHO-ORS although not statistically significant. This is because rice based solution contains more carbohydrates and proteins than does WHO-ORS if at all present. The suitability of RPSS to severely dehydrated and severely malnourished children could not be ascertained as these patients were excluded in the study.Four patients (two received WHO-ORS while the other were on RPSS) who developed complications had their data included in the analysis because the complications were noted only after they have been fully hydrated. Two patients had urinary tract infection after day 1, one had bronchopneumonia on the third day and one had intractable vomitting after the rehydration phase. Acceptability of the oral rehydrating solutions was not a problem for both groups of patients since it is easy to prepare and widely available in every household. Long term observation period on weight gain, duration and recurrences of diarrhea after RPSS administration is being recommended to ascertain its beneficial or deleterious effects on the nutritional status of children.

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Philipp J Pediatr
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Research Project
January 31-December 31, 1989


To compare the efficacy of rice powder salt solution against the standard WHO sucrose based oral rehydration fluid in the correction of mild to moderate rehydration in infants and children with acute diarrhea.

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